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by Molt

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i) a Round Unwound Scorched by summer's salient flame, my brethren and I awaken First the shell, and then the host; instinct to devour consumes all On willow, linden, and birch; elderbery, elm, and maple Every cell, a famine grows, manifesting my conatus One part one, voracious swarm; crawling now while time crawls with me ii)World Eater I expand to fit this skin Gorge myself to fill one more Each new skin a bolder colour brings Territory becomes more precious with each change Our enemies graze on our numbers The elements prey on our size The swarm depletes with the foliage Edacious glutton I survive Dissociation with each feast grows until having reached expansion's limit There am I alone iii) Enter the Pupae A season dormant Encased to escape Winter's bite Flesh gives way to new flesh Time stands frozen iv) ...and there a Great Change occured (Solo: JS) v) A Moth is Born I emerge from my carnal forge Lux facta est! And so I am reborn Purpose function form All I've known has changed Perspective dawns anew I'm granted wings! So is time So is time vi) a Hunger of a Different Sort (Solo: KS) vii) Fly by Night viii) A Romantic Duet Senses quicken to the pace of the wind-born pheremone Track it seven miles to its female form To a current of air I entrust my scent In the moss I lay awaiting my destiny One night and one day do I stay when I find her Propagating proof of me By moonlight I glimpse his fine wing With no mouth but the one whence my legacy shall come I accept him On the wing with the dawn for the lure feminin Just a fortnight to spread my seed where I may Need unquenched he flies with the sun I am left there to lay my eggs where I may ix) Ertrinken, versinken; unbewußt, höchste Lust!
i & ii) Invasion and Recollection through the walls of her royal chambers releasing their poisons and fumes the chemicals cleared from the air to reveal the dismembered remains of her guards on her hindest of quarters she rises her belly massive with young her antennae swirl searching for signs of the help that she knows cannot come seems like only yesterday exhilaration first flight breeding feeding slaving stealing her colony thrived seems like so long ago watching the old tree drown narrow escape a handful of workers honey cattle too few relief five years old floods her senses her and her workers start their new home in the western fork of the Cecropia tree iii) a Fall from Grace one by one, others arrived farmers who couldn't work side by side through bloodshed, torture, and genocide came the elimination of tribe by tribe she who staked the first claim second last to survive how can this be?, thought the Aztec Queen iv) Creation Myth (Solo: KS) v) ...Since Time Began one lone worker in thousands takes one erroneous step leaftop to leaftop she tumbles until she's surrounded by enemy ants! she sends up a pheromone warning her last words igniting a war hatred cultivated for decades her comrades respond to her call the tools of their trade are now weapons the final battle is on for control of territory and resources for which generations have killed Since Time Began vi) the End of the Beginning (Solo: JS) vii) Thus Spake the Cecropia my seed lay dormant in the ground til the burning came awakened my hunger lust for the sun whose stroke sustains me master sun whose touch fulfills all desire lust for the sun to meet his ray open lips I sacrifice my defenses sacrifice for oblivion brings me strength parasite bond Hark! In my hollow the trumpet proclaims life (portents doom) (promises victory) viii) the Beginning of the End ix) inside and Out Inside her inner sanctum dwarfing the enemy workers turned soldiers the Aztec Queen regally stares down her Doom out on the field, the battle is raging soon confusion shall rule as ten thousand ants know to mourn for their Queen x) Confusion Reigns xi) Requiem for a Queen xii) Victory March of the Eastern Fork One super organism One young Queen Dominion in symbiosis in the Cecropia Tree
My mother told me to be careful to mind where I'm treading when I leave the nest You'd be wise to watch where you're going the route you are keeping could shorten your life But young roaches are often unheeding they think they're immortal a reckless belief Because you never know what may be lurking at night in the kitchen awaiting a meal Now lately the way to the pantry had strangely been clearer than ever before Sadly I let my mind wander forgot mother's cautions fell into routine and I did not see eight furry legs hiding under the counter until I saw mysef reflected nine times over in her ugly eyes her mandibles clicking excitedly I heard her tummy growling as she gazed She had me I could do nothing nor could my brethren who saw it transpire I thought fondly of moonlight and bread crumbs and all of those good things I would never more see (Solo: JS) when a shadow fell over the kitchen a human had entered I thought myself saved but damn humans think I am more filthy than their guns and oppression they side with the Huntsman and leave me to die my species has been here far longer and we will outlast them we will live through all their nuclear war (Solo: KS) but I, I shall not see that day or any other; or any other Alas, the only thing I'll see is the lair of the Huntsman and my poor old mother will know it's the last thing I saw before I died (Cadenza: KS)
time shall yield drinking the fog on the Skeleton Coast relentlessly spawning my mouth is the mouth of a thousand young my seed is the salt on the future's tongue our graves are the cradles of the gods unsung our age is the age of gotterdammerung drowning you invoke ghosts of smoke Eadem manet natura sorte mutata Et carnem caro factum est time shall steal cross crimson grist by first light's mist we toil this desert is the dust of weathered stones and rust climbing a strange spire going forward doesn't take one higher we'll lay our eggs in your tomb and what's left we'll consume the horizon's dark shawl the air's leaden mass the eager, anticipatory dryness the storm sails in on a black iron hull glistening grains in its wake fording the flood on the backs of our brood molting and changing you will be forgotten we were never known (Solo: KS) (Solo: JS) respice humilitatem nostram


Molt's debut album is a concept album about arthropods, moving from the most base to the most abstract.


released January 12, 2013

All music written and performed by:
Julian Squires (bass, drums, vocals)
Kyla Squires (guitar, vocals)
with additional vocals by Christmas Woods (1,2,4) and Bruno Maniaci (1,3)
recorded 2011-2012 in Montreal
mastered by Colin Marston at Menegroth, the Thousand Caves
band photos by Christopher Hodgkins
cover painting by Kyla Squires
booklet layout, other photos by Julian Squires

Complete score available from Hvergelmir Records


all rights reserved



Molt Newfoundland and Labrador

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